Find clarity with Coach JK’s VIP Day

Do you ever feel like you just need a day? This is it.

You're all over the place in your business.

Maybe you feel like you’re behind.

Or maybe you know what you want, but have no clue where to start.

And you need to GYST…

That ends here.

You have what it takes to succeed. All you need is the right strategy.

In one extremely focused day, you will know WHAT to do in order to achieve your most important goals and exactly HOW and WHEN to do it.

Refocus your vision with a VIP Day.

Imagine how it would feel to

  • Clarify with pinpoint precision what you need to do this year
  • Refine all of your hopes and dreams into executable goals 
  • Completely let go of distractions 
  • Replace limiting beliefs with mantras that create joy, focus and power
  • Create a routine that allows you to live fulfilled everyday
  • Remain immovable in your company, your industry, and your community
  • Live the future you only dream about now

Success is much more then financial goals

"Best business planning class I've ever been to. It wasn't just about the numbers… Josh understands that success is understanding the whole picture and what makes you tick. If it's not about the money for you, this class will help you find your definition of successful."

-Misty Geer

What happens during VIP Day?

During your VIP day, we will focus 100% on YOU and your goals.

We will condense 9 months of business coaching into 1 laser-focused day where we will...

  1. Clarify & choose your most important goals in your business and life
  2. Create & commit specific, step-by-step strategies to take action on those goals
  3. Release you from the weight of all the decisions you have yet to make
  4. And give certainty to what you can accomplish in uncertain times 

Imagine having a step-by-step plan outlined for you….

All you have to do is execute!

That's exactly what you will receive with a VIP Day with me.

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