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What do you do when the dream is gone but life isn't over yet?

Learn how I overcame failure and reinvented my life after my baseball career ended. Let it inspire you when the dream ends but life doesn’t.

Our past doesn’t define us, it refines us.

The walls you put up in your life don’t protect you, but prevent you from living the life you were meant for.

You might be thinking this moment, your defeat, your failure, is a mistake. But what if it’s exactly  what you need to discover the legacy you were chosen for?

If you need to pick yourself up and start anew, find your purpose and start living your best life, this book is for you. 

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Josh Kalinowski uses his experience as a professional baseball player to illustrate what it feels like to give up everything for what he thought was his dream. In this pick-yourself-up motivational narrative, Josh teaches readers how to go after the next chapter in their lives. 

Many of us feel like we failed because we aren’t actually living the dream even though we say it off the cuff all too often. But Josh points out that, “our past doesn’t define us, it refines us.” 

If you find yourself disenchanted with life or recently let a dream die, this story will help you let go, create and chase again! 

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Josh Kalinowski

A leader living a life of exceptional impact, influence and faith.

Having lived through and overcome failure, broken dreams and debt, Josh knows how hard it is to become your best when it feels like the whole world is against you. As a CEO of 8 companies, coach, a man of faith and family, Josh motivates, advises and leads others to reach their potential in business and life through coaching, content and community. Josh’s mission is to inspire people to take ownership of themselves, their families and those they lead so they may live a life of exceptional impact, influence and faith.

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Strike 3 Reviews 

"What impresses me is his raw ability to share the vulnerability that athletes experience which in todays society is hard to share without scrutiny.  His ability to change habits and emotions for the better through self-introspection and trial and error humanizes him and takes away the facade and stigma professional athletes are sometimes labeled with."

-Colin Young, Former Minor League pitcher for the Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox and MLB Coach for the San Diego Padres

"What a great book!  It really dives into the mindset and emotion of what it's like to be a professional athlete.  Every player reaches a point in their careers when you have to make a choice of continuing to chase a dream or face the reality of retirement.  As someone who has been through it myself, Josh really captures the highs and lows of the experience.  The journey he takes you on to rediscover himself and reconnect with life is inspiring."

-Mark Defelice, Former Major League pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers

“Great honesty and challenging you to do/be more.  This book is a honest look at dreams lost and purpose regained.  It speaks to your heart about your own broken dreams and challenges you to move forward, becoming better, stronger and live with purpose.  This is an especially great read for those who need to be honest with themselves, young men/women will gain wisdom and knowledge.  If they apply what Josh spells out and challenges, they will gain understanding and more wisdom.  Be encouraged and take heart someone cares.”


“The best thing you can read for you and your family!  I loved this book!  His section on taking back the 1% was my favorite and one of the hardest/best things you can do for yourself!  You will also love the formula for Wisdom!!  Do yourself and your family a favor and read this book!  You will be forever grateful!”

-Natalie Fehringer

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