The world needs who you want to become, now more than ever. Get up and become it.

-Josh Kalinowski, CEO, Speaker, Coach, Serial Entrepreneur & Author

Meet Josh

No one can take from you the person you want to become.

Josh is intensely focused on empowering men and women to live a life of exceptional impact, influence, and faith. A genuine motivator who lives out what he believes, Josh is experienced in presenting dynamic, inspiring messages to diverse audiences. He has been sought after as a business coach and speaker for entrepreneurs and leaders in industries including real estate, finance and nonprofit sectors. 

Prior to his career as a business leader and coach, Josh played baseball for the Colorado Rockies. While a professional athlete, Josh learned the importance of taking risks, discipline, and vision to overcome challenges in the pursuit of dreams. 

Josh shares his journey, secrets and lessons learned on his podcast, Leading & Living with Impact & Influence

It's these lessons that led him to invest in 8 companies and grow his enterprise family to lead 100+ people, many whose lives have been forever impacted by his vision, leadership and commitment to living in excellence. Josh challenges the status quo by wringing out every second of every day and inspiring others to do the same.

Josh knows what it takes to lead through failure, overcome limiting beliefs and cast the vision of what life can be when we act on our intentions. 

Josh believes everyone deserves the opportunity to create the best version of themselves while creating their own legacy. Having lived through and overcome failure and broken dreams, Josh knows how hard it is to become your best when it feels like the whole world is against you. 

Over the last decade in pursuit of his vision to live beyond himself, Josh has experienced both his greatest achievements and epic fails. Through his personal failures and victories, Josh has trained himself to unapologetically and relentlessly pursue excellence in spite of fear, setbacks, and opinions, and now trains others to do the same.

As a lover of change, it is Josh’s mission to empower, motivate, advise and lead others to reach their potential in business and life. Josh’s heart for helping others believe in and chase their potential supports healthy families, strong businesses and thriving communities. 

Josh is a man of faith, father of four, and husband to a rockstar woman.

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