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The world needs who you want to become, now more than ever.

-Josh Kalinowski




Your team can succeed.

Josh Kalinowski believes in you.

Josh is a genuine motivator who lives out his beliefs. It is his mission to support healthy families, strong businesses and thriving communities. He empowers men and women to become the person they want to be by helping them take action in a concise goal-focused way. 

Whether your organization’s goals are increasing sales, generating profitability or creating a cohesive culture, Josh will help your team believe in and chase their own potential. Your people leave with a clear vision of what life could be and our unlimited potential when we commit to acting on our intentions.


When you invest in your people, you invest in your organization's success. 

Our perspective, not a lack of resources, prevents us from achieving our goals. When you hire Josh to speak to your team, your people will experience a mindset shift toward holding the power to unlock an unstoppable force within.

Relatable and inspiring, Josh is experienced in presenting motivating and dynamic messages to diverse audiences. As a former professional athlete and serial entrepreneur who has grown multiple companies, Josh speaks with both empathy of knowing what it's like to totally fail in life and business as well as the authority of knowing how to get back up and rebuild. 

Your organization will gain invaluable insight through Josh’s biggest setbacks and greatest wins. Josh will equip your team to reach their goals by teaching them how to practice a healthy mindset, lead through failure and overcome limiting beliefs.

Some of the topics Josh uses to inspire and motivate business teams are embracing the suck, charging into life’s challenges and developing the disciplines that will take you to the next level in your life. 

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The one thing Josh will leave your organization with is the awareness the whole world may seem to be against your success, odds and everything else, but JK isn't.   
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Two important characteristics stand out to me when evaluating great public speakers: stage presence and an impactful message. Josh Kalinowski is excellent at both.

-Tom Grogan, President, LIFT Wyoming

Speaking & Training Topics

Each presentation is customized to your event. Here are some of Josh's popular topics.


7 Million in 7 Years

How can you create a legacy that outlives you? Learn how your team can create a multimillion dollar portfolio in 16mo or less with no commission. Josh shares the exact framework and lessons learned from his career as a professional baseball player to build a $7.5m portfolio in seven years without commissions. Learn the only 5 essential components you need to take in order to make any amount of money you want to make in life. 

5 Proven Strategies to Dominate in Business & Life

“Alpha” isn’t a personality type, it’s an energy. And with the right action plan, everyone can discover and play their inner alpha to win in business and life. Learn five proven principles elite athletes, army veterans and high-achieving men and women use to keep winning after their sports and military careers end. This presentation is designed for CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business pro’s to uncage their alpha to beat out the competition, reveal their hidden power and play to their team’s strengths. 

Winning sucks: How to capitalize on your biggest setbacks

If you can't deal with failure, you will never win at anything. If you are not willing to experience hardship, success will elude you. But when you embrace the suck, it’s only a matter of time before you start winning in life! When he was 26 years old, Josh suffered a major shoulder injury costing him his career as a professional baseball player. Having overcome that failure and broken dream, Josh knows how hard it is to keep moving forward when it feels like the whole world is against you. Learn Josh’s top 5 lessons to develop the mindset of a pro-athlete, 4-step framework to make every day meaningful and three secrets to win in life no matter what!

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Lessons I learned from baseball

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